Du lien au coeur des organisations



A link at the heart of organizations….

Throughout its history (1995), Convergence has gradually established a business culture thanks to the trust of our different customers and partners.
The high complexity in which our partner customers evolve (industry, services, agribusiness, finance, public and semi-public, high technology…) the paradoxes of their economic, social technological and human stakes, lead them to search for supports tailored to their needs.
Supports of a “business” type in order to satisfy their technical and operational needs, but also support of ”relational” type which allows our partner customers to work out a postural, individual, collective and organizational “agility”. A position that can be similar to a form of “relational compass”  in order to navigate in a continuously changing business space.


We offer three support areas:

  • Coach field: Area of support of organizations in the form of coaching of directors, management teams, cultural and organizational change
  • Lead Coach Institute: Area of the course of certifying trainings offered to leaders and managers about the managerial position.
  • FADAE: Area of supervision of coaches and leaders in their professional practices.

Through these three areas our vocation consists of being “suppliers of individual and collective relations inside organizations…”

Three principals guide us in our interventions:

  • Integrity and free will : by respecting our customers in their reality and reference frame
  • Closeness to our partner customers: by establishing our intervention on the basis of their needs and stakes
  • Joint-liability: by mobilizing our partner customers in our interventions in order to optimize the deployment of our supports.

Welcome to Convergence area.