Du lien au coeur des organisations



The 10 words of Convergence vocabulary

The various definitions are the result of the works of Lead Coach Institute

  • Coaching (Lead Coach institute)

“The coaching is a way of support which aims at helping a person to confront a personal or professional situation in an adapted manner. This adaptation is made through the emergence during the coaching, options and awareness, resulting from the relational area between the coach and the coachee. The coaching is not psychotherapy because it does not apprehend a person through its symptoms and does not treat them”.

  • Team Coaching (Lead Coach institute)

«The team coaching is the support of a group of individuals gathered around a task in order to help this group achieve its objectives by optimizing its process and individual resources, in favor of a joint objective.”

  • Coaching of organization (Lead Coach institute)

«The coaching of organization is the support of a structure (company or other) in the deployment of a collective dynamism about a unifier theme (vision, culture, identity, governance, signature,…), by focusing on its own internal resources.”

  • Team Building (Lead Coach institute)

«The Team Building represent any cultural, sportive, creative, intellectual, professional…)  activity or situation in situ or outdoor which gathers a group of persons  with the intention of consolidating the coherence of the team and the belonging to a group and a structure. »

  • Culture (Lead Coach institute)

«The business culture is the entirety of convictions, believes, standards, values and customs or collective behaviors, raised as reference points to live in the organizational community. »

  • Field “Champ Relationnel” (Lead Coach institute)

«An organizational or personal field is a virtual area belonging to an entity (person/team/organization). This area is the alchemy of several interactions between the entity and its various interfaces. In the field the evolutions, the growths, psychological, social and organizational transformations are developed. The field may be a generator of opportunities or obstacles for the entity.»

  • GLB

GLB (a Convergence mark) is an approach of organizational coaching developed by Youness BELLATIF. This approach is a protocol of organizational support and also a certifying training for coaches and supporters in the organization.
Some principals of the GLB:
Three circles of influence must be triggered in the same organization so that an organizational field activates in an optimum manner and create a collective dynamism.

– The “Global nature” circle (which is a common feature of all companies regardless of their businesses or regions).
– The “Locality” circle (which is specific to each business, department or vertical direction in the same company).
– The “[Bocality]” circle (which is specific to each person in a manner with which it incorporates and deploys its daily duty

  • LG.5

Leader Generation 5 (a brand of Convergence) is an approach for supporting the position of Leader elaborated by Youness BELLATIF.
The leaders in order to confront and adapt to their highly complicated environment (reconfiguration and constant change) activate unconsciously  or consciously 5 areas of personal adaptation where LG.5 is a course of customized and team support, offered to leaders with the aim of helping them to develop the LG.5 Area, based on the relational patrimony of each one. 3 coaches speak in this course: Nadia SEBTI, Youness BELLATIF.

  • HCA

Health Coach Antenna  (a Brand of Convergence) is an activity of Convergence aiming at the implementation inside of organizations of reception areas for managers and leaders, focusing on their health at work in relation to their position as managers (comfort areas/stress areas/customized factors of stress amplification/individualized roadmaps). This focus combines health and coaching and it is supervised by our coach physician.

  • CIES

The CIES coaching program (coaching of the individual, team and structure) (a Brand of Convergence) is the first certification program in Morocco since about 16 years.
It aims at developing and promoting skills as well as a position in the field and profession of coaching and leadership in Morocco and Africa.
The CIES Coaching Program is displayed in two levels: CIES Practitioner (1st Year) and CIES Pro (2nd Year).
500 cumulated hours of training are offered with a course of supervision, personal development and individual and collective works in order to be entitled to the grade of Coach Pro of Lead Coach Institute.  3 Coaches speaks in a permanent manner and supervise this training: Nadia SEBTI, Youness BELLATIF.