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The first steps to the Process Communication® : the NASA

In the 70s, the NASA has had an urgent need for recruitment and selection purposes to constitute compatible crews capable of cooperating in extreme situations. The works of Taibi Kahler on the predictability of behaviors under stress highly interest Dr. Terence Mac Guire, who was in charge of the selection and training of the crews Apollo.
This collaboration is the origin of investments and research in the Process Communication® Model. Thus was born in 1982 the Process Communication Management® model, which enables an organization to suggest to its actors an approach and tools for communication, motivation management and stress management at work.
The Process model has developed a lot since then thanks to the trainers or coaches certified across the world.

What is Process Communication® ?

  • A model of observation and communication
  • The outcome of the researches carried out Taibi Kahler, PhD, during the 70s, in partnership with the NASA, the Process Communication ® was born on 1982 in the United States. Launched in Morocco by Youness BELLATIF and the Lead Coach Institute, this model which reveals one year after another its multiculturalism, allow the development of self-understanding, understanding the others and management of relations in a better way.
  • The personality of an individual is composed of a subtle and unique mixture of 6 types of personalities. Out of this mixture, appear behavioral characteristics, methods of preferred reading of the reality, motivations, manners of communicating and behavior under stress predictable and observable.
  • Identify and understand these behaviors help us improve the quality of our professional and personal life, individualize our communication method, our leadership, manage conflict situations and optimize the relation with everyone.

This pertinent and efficient model has been imposed quickly in Europe as an essential tool for the business.

Predictability of behavior under stress

It is one of the most precious assets of the Process ® model. Resulting from observations carried out by Dr. Kahler, the description of behavior under light or intense stress enables a better self-management and management of relations.
Each type of personality has its own manner of behaving according to the intensity of the stress borne. This predictable, observable and revocable behavioral sequence offers a clarifying interpretation framework to understand and manage the relational difficulties.
The users of the Process Communication ® have a set of practical tools to manage on a daily basis their communication with their interlocutors with talent.

Whether they are employees, customers, partners or colleagues, labor relations gain fluency, the projects are carried out by more autonomous and more serene teams.

Pegagogical quality

The model Process Communication ® offers reference points to better understand the personalities and the practical communication tools. The teaching of this model requires an experience and must be provided by certified trainers or coaches. A list of certified trainers and coaches is available on the website

Confidentiality and deontology

Any person who has decided to fill in his/her Process Communication® questionnaire is entitled to confidentiality of results. A Personality and Profile Inventory which goes with it is handed over personally to the concerned person by a certified trainer or coach.
This handing over is supported by comments and exchanges allowing a careful reading. During a collective seminar, each participant keeps the decision to share or not his profile with the others. The trainer or the coach remains the benevolent guarantor of the good practices to prevent any value judgments.


Personality inventory

The persons wishing to use this Process Communication ® model are called to answer a questionnaire which helps them, as soon as it is processed, to discover their personality structure. The educational metaphor of the building helps visualizing his/her own personality structure. In each floor there is 6 types of personality. The size of the floors indicates the quantity of energy available when a person whishes or must use the corresponding type.

The principle of the elevator illustrates the ability to reach all floors and use their entire resources.

The basis

The ground floor called Basis indicates the dominant personality type, the most developed. Knowing how to identify the Basis of his/her interlocutor helps using the good frequency for communicating.

The stage

The concept of stage gives keys to understand what motivates a person.
Satisfy the needs of the Stage, is to act on the motivation on a daily basis. One’s own motivation and the motivation of others.

Process Communication® profile

This customized document of forty pages contains precious information for the users of the Process Communication ® model.
Each section gives keys and areas of work to pilot the daily life while taking into account the assets of the personality as well as the indicators that must be controlled to avoid being overwhelmed with stress.

Some sections of the Process Communication® profile

  • The keys of success
  • Strengths of the personality
  • Perception areas
  • The preferred interaction method
  • Warning indicators
  • Communication channels
  • Action plans.

Data on the preferred Management Style for managing or to be managed are also added.

Objectives :

  • Understand his/her own personality structure to use all these assets and offer the best of themselves
  • Better management of themselves in hard times and in  the inevitable periods of stress
  • Accept the personality of others and fit themselves for a more fluid team work.

The multiple applications of the Process Communication ®

The richness of the Process Communication® Model offers you a large range of tools for developing multiple skills in your organization.
The strength of the approach lies in the originality of the components of model, which allows adjusting your training investment to the needs of your employees.


Opt for management excellence

Business relationships

Liberace the performance

Team building

Establish competitive teams

Team Cohesion

Reinforce the cooperation links

Individual Coaching

Provoke the triggering factor

Team Coaching

Sublimate the talents

Conflict management

Relieve the tensions

Helping recruitment

Clarify the choice

Intern trainers

Transmit the skills

Certified coach or trainer in PROCESS COMMUNICATION MODEL®

Every year in Morocco, KCM (Kahler Communication Morocco) represented by the LEAD COACH INSTITUTE Morocco organizes business-to-business trainings for directors, consultants, trainers and managers. The Institute also designs specific business-to-business support in Process Com for management committees or professional teams.
A test helps obtaining a certification in order to be able to use the Process Communication ® Model in a training, coaching or even recruiting.

Only certified coaches and trainers are authorized to use this model in coaching or training.
You can check their approval on the website

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