Du lien au coeur des organisations

LG5: Leadership Generation 5

LG5 : Leadership Generation 5LG5_int

LG5 or Leadership for relational vocation



Assume a specific loneliness to any decision maker while being available in his environment, find coherence where there are ambiguities, be oriented to the result while valuing the human being, keep the continuation of act while accepting to change the course… are many paradoxes in the form of challenges, which the leaders face in different sectors (political, companies, associations…). The more the degree of complexity of the environment increases, the more it requires from leaders to activate specific areas of expertise.

One of the primary basic needs of the human being is to be in a relationship. The business world is an amplifying space “of inter link”: it is the organizational relational field.

This relational field, according to its nature, is a major contributor to a sustainable performance of the company. It may be a vector of opportunities of development, or a source of imbalance and internal pressures (organizational and personal…).

A 5 Area of expertise is to be developed in the leaders, which is “relational intelligence” that makes them Relational Leaders.

It is a true management position in the complexity, which integrates the four areas of expertize (rationality, strategy, technicality, emotion) of the leader and allows reinforcing the internal compass of Leadership that of the Leader Generation 5.

Purpose of the trainings

Develop in Leaders and Managers a « Managerial position » of the 5 generation which will enable them to manage and pilot in a continuously changing context and activate and reinforce the relational intelligence as sustainable performance driver.

Some reference points of the contents of the modules:

  • The relational lozenge of the LG5 leader or how to make the relational intelligence a sustainable individual performance driver.
  • The relational patrimony of the leader (an approach of identification tool allowing a better appropriation of the relational patrimony)
  • Manage and guide a team to a sustainable performance as a LG5
  • Establish a constructive relationship as LG5 with organizations with high degree of complexity.
  • Promote the “political” position in the complicated environments.
  • Training on the development of the LG5 position: management of paradoxes, plights…
  • Acquisition of specific procedures as LG5 (relationship with the other, others and complicated organizations with conceptual reference points).


  • Intra-company program
  • Directors and managers of companies


Youness Bellatif

  • Leader and Founder of Convergence Conseil and Lead Coach Institute
  • Social and organizational Psychologist
  • Coach of Leaders and Management Committees
  • Supervisor and Trainer of coaches
  • Supervisor of groups of leaders and designer of several programs of leadership support (LG5: Leader 5th generation)
  • Member of the college of coaching teachers/Paris, coach & team network
  • Former President and Honorary President of ICF Morocco/Morocco Coaching (International Coach Federation)
  • Speaker in the field of Multicultural Leadership.
  • Radio commentator about the theme of leadership
  • Several professional publications about the themes of leadership and coaching

Maria Bounjou

  • Coach of managers
  • Coaching of teams in team building
  • Coaching of cultural changes in organizations
  • Trained in advanced theory in Transactional Analysis
  • Physician specialized in well-being at work
  • Certified Coach in coaching of individuals, teams and structures (Lead Coach Institute)
  • Trained in Stress Management and the Prevention of Psycho-social Risks in the Company
  • NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Graduate in Clinical and Therapeutic Hypnosis of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris-Sud 11
  • Accredited Coach in Process Com, in support teams and structures.
  • Trained in advanced theory in Transactional Analysis

Nadia Sebti

  • Supervisor of Coaches
  • Support of the team of the management committee
  • Teacher in the graduation training of coaching in the Lead Coach Institute
  • Teacher in the graduation training of the NLP practitioners
  • Certified Coach in coaching of individuals, teams and structures (Lead Coach Institute)
  • Accredited Coach in Process Com, in support teams and structures.
  • Teacher of Specialized Master in Communication and Personal Development at Hassan II University
  • Teacher in a Management Institute.
  • (Weekly/daily) publications about managerial themes related to the manager identity.
  • Co-founder/Former Treasurer of the International Coach Federation (Morocco).
  • Former Director of a company