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HCA: Health Coach Antenna

HCA: Health Coach AntennaACS_int

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The business world and the professional environment have become so complicated to an extent that the impact is not only at the physical, economic or organizational performance level, but also at the level of the staff health.

The pressure on companies in the light of the prevailing economic models in the world falls upon the employees.

The implicit request made to employees in general is to provide their company not only with their technical and operational skills, but also with other resources. Resources that are more psychological and emotional which cannot be without consequences on the mental and physical health of employees of both sex, including the leaders:

This is what is grouped under the common name of STRESS.

These consequences on the health generate effects on the economy of companies (absenteeism/sick leaves/lack of performance/stress between departments…)
Convergence has created a tube-space to collect and process this type of phenomenon: “Health Coach Antenna”.

An area : HCA

H like Health

At the heart of this HCA area, a medical reading is also integrated, which allows having a general view for each person supported by a customized program.
HCA is an inclusive and global approach of the individual at work.

C like Coach

At the heart of this HCA area, the persons are supported in their professional stakes at the heart of the company (relationships with their environment, their superiors, their responsibilities…) with roadmaps customized according to their own objectives.

A like Antenna

We intervene in your business environment by setting a punctual “antenna”. The purpose is to be close to your culture, your interference context and to be closer to your needs.

The HCA process:

  • A recurrent presence in the company

Fixed days along the year: form of 6 days or 9 days or 12 days per year

  • An individual scan for each employee by: Wellscan

Identification of the professional stress of each

The measuring tool : WellScan 

Measure the stress at work with WellScan®

To treat stress efficiently, you must know its extent. WellScan® is a tool for detection and objective evaluation of stress sources at work. WellScan® focuses on the recent researches concerning stress management, prevention of psycho-social risks and health at work.

Moreover, it is not a medical questionnaire with a medical purpose.

The dimensions measured by WellScan®

  • Physical factors of stress and the perceived general health
  • Psycho-emotional factors
  • Organizational stress factors, evaluation of psycho-social factors
  • Factors related to work circumstances and time management.
  • Measure of the flow level or state of optimum performance
  • Evaluation of the expectations on the support of stress
  • Synthesis cartographies on the capacity of resisting and adaptation to stress.

A global view

A global approach of the individual in the company with :

  • A Coaching view (decision making, management of complicated situations, self-management and relation management…)
  • A rational view
  • An emotional view
  • A health view