Du lien au coeur des organisations

GLB: Global, Local, Bocal

GLB : Global, Local, BocalGLB_int

A certifying training in coaching and support of organizations

Development of relational fields of organizations


The companies and professional organizations are CLO (Collective Living Organizations). They constitute real, dynamic and progressive “relational fields”. However, these same companies maybe supported and advised linearly and sometimes mechanically, which may limit considerably their development and overall (economic, technological, psychological) performance.
The perception and conception of the company as a CLO (Collective Living Organization) allow a lively, dynamic and integral support through the emphasis of powerful relational fields which are specific to each company.

The GLB approach (Global, Local, Bocal) starts from two assumptions:

1- The business culture plays a major role in the overall performance and the sustainability of an organization.
2- Every actor of an organization may act in 3D:

  • In Global by being holder of  great designs of a company
  • In Local by being a contributor, relay and transmitter of energy and collective information
  • In Bocal by creating the specific business value to its own competence

GLB is a coaching approach of organizations that allows :

  • Creating the conditions for the emergence and formalization of relational fields that are specific to each company
  • Defining the specific outlines of the cultures of organizations
  • Working out lively support designs that can progress and change themselves according to the feedback received by the supported organization.
  • Formalize the culture of the supported companies (representations/value/Acts)


The training aims at training persons in the position of organizational coach according to the paradigm of the relational fields.
The GLB Training suggests an operational, conceptual and architectural system, (GLB) of organizational support according to the coaching method. It aims at helping the participants to acquire skills in:

  • Reading the organizational stakes
  • Creating optimum conditions for a sustainable performance in the organizations
  • Working out of  architectures of organizational support that is adapted and open
  • Receiving and processing of the stakes of directors under the context of business changes
  • The methods of support and application of the different sequences
  • The promotion of the coach position in the application of the relational fields
  • The working out and design of support architecture

At the end of the 6 days of the training, the participants are supposed to have integrated the concept of relational field, its operation method and its application as a process of support.

Pedagogical content

  • Case studies
  • Conceptual contributions: Relational fields/Relational Constructionism/organizational pathology
  • Training for the promotion of the Coach in the organization
  • Design of speech and the strategies of the coaching speech
  • Speech package in the organization: Support/Workshops/Speech Strategies/Speech Architectures.


  • Practicing coach
  • Consultants in organization and support of change
  • Trainers in business and management
  • Leaders and Directors in career transition

Speaker: Youness Bellatif
 (Designer of GLB Process)

  • Leader and Founder of Convergence Conseil and Lead Coach Institute
  • Social and organizational Psychologist
  • Coach of Leaders and Management Committees
  • Supervisor and Trainer of coaches
  • Supervisor of groups of leaders and designer of several programs of leadership support (LG5: Leader 5th generation)
  • Member of the college of coaching teachers/Paris, coach & team network
  • Former President and Honorary President of ICF Morocco/Morocco Coaching (International Coach Federation)
  • Speaker in the field of Multicultural Leadership.
  • Radio commentator about the theme of leadership
  • Several professional publications about the themes of leadership and coaching

Key concept: relational fields:

For Convergence “an organizational relational field is a collaborative area of an organization through which individuals, teams and processes focus and extend to create a given relational reality…”

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