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Leader and coach training course


In our approach of (Coaching/consulting) practitioners and researchers at Convergence and through our different interventions, we wish to suggest a different paradigm of management. This paradigm allows the development of a managerial and personal “acuity” which prepare for managing the surrounding complexity. This approach allows the transformation of the surrounding complexity to a growth driver and an opportunity for personal and professional progress, rather than “adversary” or blocking obstacle.

Your stakes

  • Invest in a confidential and protected area for personal and professional progress
  • Optimize your resources and skills in your current duties and responsibilities.
  • Live in an “aligned”  position and  manage your paradoxes as decision makers (alignment between, decision making, values and personal reference points)
  • Live the position of coaching at the heart of your duty of manager
  • Prepare you for  professional transitions (becoming a coach)
  • Access to new managerial theoretical reference frames which are at the top and are different.

Our training areas and references frames
A certifying training in Coaching

Certifying trainings in the development of skills and relational resources through :

Trainings of professionalization of coaches