Du lien au coeur des organisations

Coach Field

Coach Field

Help orgaizations develop adapted relational fields.

Our coaching area of organisational changes, organizational coaching, management committees and leaders.


For Convergence “an organizational relational field is a collaborative area of an organization through which individuals, teams and processes focus and extend to create a given relational reality…”

Your contexts and realities

  • Organizational change context
  • Post-merger context, acquisition
  • Business transfer and shareholders change
  • Crisis or growth context
  • Formalization of visions of the company
  • Cultural change to be in line with ambitions and current challenges
  • Changing management teams (new members, process and organisation…)
  • Access to new managerial and organizational responsibilities
  • Expatriation

Our interventions

  • Design a support process in organizational coaching, which includes your organizational and strategic stakes as well as your culture (values, believes, common cultural references)
  • Identify and formalize the outlines of your internal culture, in coherence with your vision and your strategic axes.
  • Support your organizational transition by the implementation of tailored coaching protocols: coaching of internal leaders, management committees and internal entities.
  • Conception, adjustment and piloting of Strategic Team building for management committees and teams of professional projects
  • Coaching and support of the management team and the working out of their internal  operating process as well as their internal collaborative platform.
  • Support plan of expatriate executive directors: Working out of the “Expatriate Roadmap”: preparation for the new managerial culture/cultural decoding/support to management and multicultural teams.